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We are accepting applications for our Audit Trainee Programme until 15 December 2021.

KPMG Graduates and Trainees

By starting your career as a trainee or graduate at KPMG, you will become part of a large international network of auditors and advisors.

You will work with Danish and large international companies to develop solutions for real-world challenges.

You will be given the opportunity to work on many different types of projects, and this gives you the chance to take on a high degree of responsibility early on in your career.

Scroll down to read more about KPMG’s Graduate Programme and Audit Trainee Programme.

Graduate Programme

The KPMG Graduate Programme is a 1-year programme that gives you the skills and expertise needed to thrive in a challenging and global environment. The graduate programme starts with a week-long on-boarding programme, where you will meet the other graduates and trainees, learn about KPMG and receive the training you need to start your career.

The graduate programme provides you with learning objectives and consists of a combination of structured, in-house training and client-facing engagements to nurture your development. You will be assigned a performance manager to help guide you and set you on the right course.

We accept applications for our Audit Graduate Programme during the fall semester. You can apply for our Advisory Graduate Programme during the winter/spring.

Audit Trainee Programme

The KPMG Audit Trainee Programme is a 2-year programme aimed at developing your technical skills as an auditor. The trainee programme starts with a week-long on-boarding programme, where you will meet the other graduates and trainees, learn about KPMG and receive the training you need to start your career.

As a trainee, you will receive audit technical training and personal development training. At the same time, you will be enrolled in an HD programme to learn the fundamentals. In addition to learning classic audit techniques, where you will apply your knowledge from your studies to the job, you will also work with new technologies as we focus on digitalizing the audit process at KPMG. We believe in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and using disruptive data and analytics tools to make audit more modern and relevant for today’s society.

Have the courage

to ask why.

Your career path

We pay your tuition fee and provide support and guidance troughout your entire education and career at KPMG

As an audit trainee, you will be assigned a mentor who will guide you in your job and answer all your questions. On top of that, you will also have a performance manager. He or she will help you set and achieve your goals. Most importantly, you are always a part of a team at KPMG. Together, we will make sure you have the best education and experience possible.

Join us if you want to help us shape the future of audit!

Click on the video to hear about one of the greatest benefits of being an audit trainee: pursuing your degree while working and earning a full-time salary at the same time.

Patrick explains: “Here, many complete their education and have bought an apartment – and they have savings instead of huge student loans.

Working at KPMG, you will meet many different types of clients, and no two days are the same.

Click on the video and hear Patrick’s craziest experience visiting a client.

“It was one of my very first clients – there I was, on my way to an inventory count. And I have no idea what it’s going to be like…. It turns out that I’m supposed to count explosives at a restricted military area, where we enter a bunker…”

Audit = Excel, right? True, but as Patrick explains, working as an auditor is much more than just numbers and formulas.

Click on the video to hear more about how we combine our love for Excel with a focus on people.

“Obviously, Excel is a big part of it, and there is also some truth to these stereotypes [about auditors]. But we like that part, too… Often, we’re also out talking to a lot of people and doing all sorts of other things, as well.”

What is it like to start at KPMG as an Audit Trainee?

Click on the video and hear Therese tell about her first day at KPMG.

“Everyone was really nice, and if you had a question, you could just go and ask, “How am I supposed to do this now?” And everyone was happy to help.”

As an Audit Trainee at KPMG, you will have the chance to combine your university studies with hands-on experience.

Click on the video and hear Therese explain why she chose to start her career as an Audit Trainee.

“When I finished high school, I was really unsure about what I wanted to do afterwards, and I think I still had some doubts before I started at KPMG…. . I wanted to get out and gain hands-on experience. So then I just thought that this was a really good combination – the fact that you could work full-time and still study on the side and get a university degree.”

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